Quara Robotics Privacy Policy

Quara Robotics “the company” is committed to provide the highest level of privacy and security regarding collection and use of any personal information you may supply to the company when transacting business with us.

Personal information includes all the details that Quara Robotics holds or collects directly or indirectly (including via cookies) about you, your transactions, financial information, or any dealings with the company.

Information Protection

The security of your personal information is highly important to us, and Quara Robotics always seeks to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information.

We maintain security standards and procedures to help prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information. The company employees’ access to your personal and financial information is limited and it’s only provided such that those employees can provide you with the services that you require.

Your personal and financial information are not shared with any third party, except where (1) the information is required in order to meet your instructions; (2) when you request or permit disclosure; or (3) when such disclosure is required by, or allowed by, law, governmental or regulatory considerations, subpoena or other legal processes such as fraud investigation or audit.

Security of electronic information exchange begins with you and with your information exchange systems such as your internet browser, your e-mail program and your telephone. The company anticipates that you will take every reasonable measure to protect yourself from exposure caused by inappropriate security, eavesdropping or intrusion.

Access to your account information through internet or other electronic means, is protected with passwords known only to you.

We may change the content or services bound on our website at any time. Consequently, our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Your continued access to, or use of, the Website means that you agree to and accept the change we make. Please periodically review the Privacy Policy.

Your use of the company website indicates your acceptance to the company Terms & conditions. To read our Terms & Conditions 

The company website includes links of other suppliers and third parties for the users to benefit from their products or services. However, the company is not responsible for the procedure the third parties adopt when requesting the users’ personal information. In fact, when you log into third parties’ websites, you will not be under the security and privacy zone provided by the company.

The user does not have the right to copy or save any content of the company website. In case of personal use only, he has to save the copies and keep all the copyrights.

If you have any questions about your privacy or the accuracy of your account information, please contact us by


"Cookies" may be used in electronic exchanges for the purpose of serving you better. A cookie is an element of data that the electronic service may send to your browser and which may be stored on your computer. Any "cookies" which are placed onto your computer are for identification, performance and integrity purposes only and serve no further functions.

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